Container Tracking
  • Ongoing container tracking and monitoring
  • Insurance risk management
  • Security regulations
  • Container operation management
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Container Tracking

    The Triton containers tracking system provides ongoing monitoring of your container through all the stations and checkpoints on its journey, from the factory to its destination. Whether going through customs inspections or when harboring at the port, or if the container is now heading towards its destination on the tracks or on a truck, the Triton system tracks the location of the container and provides useful information on its condition. Any unauthorized opening or breaking- in is alerted, as well as any deviation from a predefined route and anomaly in temperature.

    Triton-A real time containers tracking system for security and management.

    The Triton Container Locator provides an efficient solution for container tracking, management and security issues:

    Container management-Ongoing container tracking and monitoring
    Insurance risk management-Decreasing insurance premiums
    Security regulations
    Container operation management
    Actionable information leads to upgraded service
    Temperature Monitoring
    Easy installation and operation

    Ongoing container tracking and monitoring

    The Triton is a real time containers tracking system, providing ongoing monitoring of your container location Alerts can be triggered either by a wide range of single events on various situations, such as: door opening, breaking-In bypassing the door or if forcing the door, container suffering an impact and so forth, or a combination of such events, such as the container door opening outside a defined area.

    Alerts can be set to be transmitted to the cell phone as a text message or to an email address.

    The triton containers tracking and management system also produces a wide variety of reports that assist in efficient management.

    Easy installation and operation

    All events and reports are easily defined in a user friendly multi- lingual application. The application is web based and can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, using either the PC in your office, your mobile phone or your tablet.

    The Triton can be installed in a matter of seconds on the door frame of the container, by attaching a magnet, without drilling or wiring of external sensors.

    Insurance risk management-Decreasing Insurance Premiums

    The amount of container goods that is lost due to theft, piracy, accidents and damage is increasing. Real time remote tracking and monitoring of containers can help prevent losing track of your container and your goods, as well as provide actionable information in order to retrieve goods or minimize damage. Moreover, the ability to determine responsibility in case of damage or theft leads to reduced insurance claims costs and lower insurance premiums.


    Cargo containers pass through at least one or more ports during their travel route, at each they are inspected by the customs authorities in order to control illegal or dangerous acts and in order to collect taxes on imported goods. Triton Container tracking device can allow a more efficient and correct reporting to the customs and tax authorities by presenting reports on the containers route and on every opening of the containers door, ensuring container integrity and accuracy of reporting.

    Security regulations

    Security is a central part in the containers supply chain. Security is impacted by each countrys legislation and rules in order to enhance supply chain security across countries. Triton remote tracking container device can play an important role in helping to comply with regulations and supply chain security programs by sending direct information on past and present location and cargo information.

    Upgraded customer service-valuable information- just in time!

    Knowing in advance about a possible delay or mishap enables you to find an alternative solution or notify your client in time, and allows you to provide a stable, reliable and qualitative service.

    Special sensors for temperature monitoring

    Enable you to transport goods in a temperature controlled environment. You can also log the history of temperature readings throughout the voyage.

    Container operation management-cost reduction, efficiency and customer satisfaction

    The combination of software and hardware solution can help container owners to monitor their often global fleet
    of containers, reduce the number of empty containers and improve utilization as well as the manpower needed
    for container management and container maintenance planning.