Vehicle Tracking
  • 24hr real-time visibility over mobile workers
  • Reduce costs - Manage legislative compliance
  • Boost productivity /content.php?id=5
  • Fleet Tracking
  • Live and dynamic timesheets
  • 24hrs vehicle location identifications
  • Powerful search capacity
  • Access real-time travel updates
  • Personal Tracking
  • Diverse range of carrier events
  • Alert methods - telephone, SMS or email
  • Activate voice channel
  • Emergency button, auto-dial,
    speaker & microphone
  • Container Tracking
  • Ongoing container tracking and monitoring
  • Insurance risk management
  • Security regulations
  • Container operation management
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Easy installation and operation
  • WatchLock
  • Ideal for remote infrastructures
  • Ideal for the protection of goods in transit
  • Provide real-time GPS tracking lock system
  • Tracking the exact opening and closing times
  • Generate automatic system periodic reports
  • Added Value Modules

    M-Track is a modular system that enables functionality to be added as and when your usage develops or your circumstances change. These enhanced options are available as a system upgrade on the existing M-Track platform. No additional hardware or installation is required and modules are fully configurable to individual business requirements.

    Client Login

    A secured login is provided on the web for each customer. This allows the customer to monitor his vehicle at all the times. M-Track's web system is the only one which works in more than 32 international languages. Our web system allows the customers to view a vast range of instant reports of their vehicles/fleet such as vehicle history, work hours, stop hours, geo fencing, speed violation, mileage, route violation, event based reports on hourly/daily/weekly/monthly and yearly basis. M-Track's unique web system is capable of sending scheduled reports to the customers given email addresses automatically. M-Track’s web system also shows the real time activity which includes date, time, location, vehicles speed at any time. The powerful reporting capacity and the live status web alerts actually makes this web system matchless which are surely not provided by any other vehicle tracking company working in Pakistan.

    Powerful Reporting

    M-Track vehicle tracking solution provides configurable reporting that contains powerful and business-changing data. Powerful reporting enables our customer to monitor mobile workforce activities 24hrs a day.

    Time & Task Management

    M-Track Provides  our customers with the right tools to manage a mobile service workforce more effectively and profitably. We do this by providing access to real-time information that improves operational control and ensures remote worker security.

    Route Planning

    The most valuable part of the system is the route-planning tool. Route planning management makes it possible to check vehicle on the exact distance and time it should take to complete a particular route in just a few seconds. Route planning management enables to manage, compare and analyze vehicle route trends over weeks, months and years. This tool has proven to be more effective and inexpensive than existing expensive dedicated systems for route planning in the market.

    Operation Managers/Teams

    M-Track allows Operation Managers and others a better view of the day-to-day operation. This can lead to better job allocations, improved response times, scheduled planning and no loss of time. Tracking allows for planning in real time with lower costs.

    Fleet Tracking & Management

    Fleet tracking provides interface with the logistics industry’s leading back-office systems. Powerful reports generated while monitoring can help in providing automatic proof of delivery. Fleet tracking generates data to enhance strategic business decision-making.


    Maps are fully scalable from the level of a country, region, even a user-defined area or down to almost pinpoint accuracy (30ft) at street or even building level if necessary.

    Spectrum of Control

    Our vehicle tracking and management services cover all areas of businesses including finance, operations, sales and marketing through the use of data that we provide. We ensure the accurate service level of key indicators for improving the cost structures.

    24/7 Dynamic Customer Services

    The customer service is the most essential element providing the customer updated reports. M-Track provides 24x7 support to the customers view email, UAN and GSM Helpline to entertain their queries, complaints and suggestions.

    Data Analyzer

    Analyze and compare data over period of weeks, months and years. Data Analyser identifies trends in data captured through M-Track Online over extended time periods, allowing managers to measure trends and demonstrate year-on-year performance improvements, which can then be presented through a series of user-definable reports and graphs. Data Analyser can be scheduled to run at regular intervals with reports emailed to a pre-defined list of recipients. Reports are available in HTML, CSV and XML formats. Data can be easily summarised by region, division or depot. As a result managers can compare mileage, speeding, stop/idle times and job completion rates across operating bases and can measure the impact that operational changes are having in the performance of their mobile resources.